Salisbury Beach Parking

The town of Salisbury has four zones to park in at Salisbury Beach:

Parking Zones:

Zone 1 – Oceanfront South and Ocean Street ($5.00 per hour)

Zone 2 – Town Parking Lot (rates vary by hour – see below)

Zone 3 – Broadway ($2.00 per hour with a 3 hour maximum)

Zone 4 – Driftway Street/Central Street/Shea Street ($2.00 per hour with a 3 hour maximum)

Town Parking Lot Information:

The town parking lot is located at 228 Beach Road at Salisbury Beach.

The town parking lot is called the James Hunt Memorial Municipal Lot and has 672 parking spaces including 15 handicapped spaces. Overnight parking is available to residents only.

Parking fees are in effect from May 1 – October 15 from 8AM to midnight and is enforced seven days a week.

The town parking lot rates are:

0 – 1 Hours…….$2.00

1 – 2 Hours…….$4.00

2 – 3 Hours…….$6.00

3 + Hours…….$20.00

How to Pay:

All zones have parking kiosks instead of parking meters. The parking kiosk system is a pay by plate system and you do not need to display your receipt.

All zones also have the option to pay for parking online by mobile app:

IMPORTANT: To use the kiosk or pay by mobile app, you must know your plate number and zone.

Salisbury Beach State Reservation Parking:

The state of Massachusetts charges a daily parking fee to park at the state-owned Salisbury Beach State Reservation. The Salisbury Beach State Reservation is located at 1 Beach Road, Salisbury, Mass.

The parking fee is in effect from May 14 – October 15 from sunrise to sunset.

Salisbury Beach State Reservation Parking rates:

Massachusetts residents…….$14 per day

Non-Massachusetts residents…….$40 per day

Resident and non resident status is determined by the vehicle license plate.

How to Pay:

Daily parking fees are paid by credit card or debit card only. No cash.

Payments are made at the entrance to the state park or via the YODEL app

Salisbury Beach State Reservation Annual Passes:

Annual Parking Passes for the Salisbury Beach State Reservation is available for $60 to Massachusetts residents only.

An Annual Parking Pass allows visitors to park at most Massachusetts state parks without paying the daily parking fee. Annual passes must be purchased online via the YODEL app.