Welcome to Salisbury Beach!

Salisbury Beach is a beautiful, historic beach in Northern Massachusetts near the New Hampshire border. It is a great place to swim, boat, camp, surf or just hang out and play arcade games, walk along the boardwalk and eat beach pizza.

Although it is busiest during the summer months, Salisbury Beach is fun and exciting year round and events are held at the beach all year long.

Many of the businesses stay open during the off season as well so there’s always something fun to do no matter what time of year.

The strip at Salisbury Beach
Cristy’s Pizza, Tripoli Pizza and Joe’s Playland on Broadway at Salisbury Beach

Salisbury Beach Hotels:

Salisbury Beach has a handful of hotels and motels to stay at during your visit to the beach. Some of these hotels are located directly on the water but most of them are located on Beach Road about a mile from the beach.

Salisbury Beach Restaurants & Food:

There are many restaurants, pizza shops, cafes and fast food places to choose from at the beach. These eateries offer everything from Italian food to seafood to fried dough and french fries so there is plenty to choose from.

Salisbury Beach Bars:

Salisbury Beach has a great nightlife year round. The many bars at the beach stay open all year long so there’s always a good time to be had at the beach.

Salisbury Beach Arcades:

Salisbury Beach is well known for its arcades. It is only home to two arcades now but these arcades are expansive and have a huge selection of games to choose from.

Salisbury Beach Shops:

Salisbury Beach is actually a great place to do some shopping. The beach is home to a number of gift shops, food marts and also a liquor store so you’ll be able to find most of what you need right here at the beach.

Salisbury Beach Parking:

Finding a parking spot is no problem at Salisbury Beach. The beach has a large town lot right at the center of the beach as well as street parking along the many streets at the beach.

Salisbury Beach State Reservation:

Salisbury Beach is home to the Salisbury Beach State Reservation, which is a state-owned park that features a beautiful beach, campground and a fishing and boating area.

Directions To Salisbury Beach:

Take I-95 to I-495 until you reach the Salisbury exit for Route 110.

Follow Route 110 East to the end where you will reach a set of lights just past the Salisbury Public Library.

Take a left onto Route 1 North. At the second set of lights take a right onto Route 1A/Beach Road. Follow it approximately two miles till you reach Salisbury Beach center.

Donate to the Salisbury Beach Partnership:

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